Innovative ‘Key Management’ for sharing economy

May 22, 2019 12:48:00 PM


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The developing specialist for IoT systems KEYMITT – Technology Partner of the international manufacturer of engineering components FATH – launches a pre-order campaign for their new keyless entry system. An easy to be installed Smart Lock with an universal retrofit that empowers homeowners worldwide in flawless check-in when using platforms like Airbnb, Wimdu and VRBO.

Germany – Spalt/Luxembourg 22.05.2019 – As of today, KEYMITT S.A. is launching a Kickstarter campaign for their namesake product – a Smart Lock with an universal retrofit that is easily installed over an existing lock, making any door lock smart.

The device pairs via Bluetooth with the KEYMITT App (available on Google Play and iOS Apple Store) to lock and unlock. A gesture control function lets users operate the door lock via a pre-defined gesture with their smartphone. Also the App allows to check battery levels, to receive alerts on unexpected activities and to view the entry history. An optional Wi‑Fi bridge (‘Hub’) allows to remotely control a door from anywhere in the world and to connect to Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, Google Assistant and the Airbnb calendar.

In a survey of Airbnb hosts in Central Europe, handling keys is the second biggest headache with cleaning and maintenance being first. “Being a former Airbnb enthusiast myself, keys would constantly get lost, guests have been late, and it quickly became a full-time gig. The KEYMITT system works seamlessly as a solution for Airbnb hosts and even integrates with the Airbnb calendar for ease of use”, says co-founder and CEO Vlad Gherciu. He continues: “It’s also great for individual homes, real estate brokerage, specialized care homes like elder care and for co-working and co-living spaces.”

Installation is simple and the device fits easily over the door lock, keeping existing mechanics intact, allowing for emergency manual entry or retrofit removal with no extra costs. It is set apart from competitors by its universal adapter, compatible with the most common European, Japanese and North American locks (deadbolt, cylinder, and mortise locks), high capacity lithium batteries and added turning force, preventing jamming. “We designed KEYMITT with easy installation, security and quality in mind. It’s ideal for any household or business and is the only Smart Lock retrofit made by German engineering”, says co-founder Jakub Jakubiak. KEYMITT possesses AES 256 encryption to secure the system from being hacked. For added security against intrusion KEYMITT will trigger alerts on the owner’s smartphone.

“I am delighted to see KEYMITT reach the production phase. Starting with just a bundle of cables in 2017, we now have a fine-tuned product that, upon availability, will create many happy customers”, says Vlad Gherciu. He emphasizes: “This would have not been possible without the support of FATH, and I feel privileged to have them on board.” The estimated delivery time of KEYMITT is end of Q4 2019. For more information on rewards and pledges, see KEYMITT’s Kickstarter page (

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FATH is an international group of companies with headquarters in Spalt, Germany and around 330 employees worldwide. The company specializes in developing, manufacturing and selling of components for mechanical engineering. The group has locations in Germany, the PR China, the USA, Hungary, Great Britain and the Netherlands (

KEYMITT is a Luxembourg based company developing IoT systems. Their namesake Smart Lock introduces key access control on an industrial quality level to the B2C markets. The system is designed for door locks in Europe, Japan and North America (

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