FATH GmbH founds FATH MEDICAL GmbH to make corona rapid tests available

Nov 26, 2020 2:15:00 PM


Spalt 12.11.2020 - The medium-sized FATH GmbH is known for its mechanical engineering components and LEAN products. It may seem a little surprising that the FATH brothers are now also offering rapid antigen tests for the detection of corona infection via their distribution channels. However, this is not thoughtless or even haphazard.

In manufacturing companies, such as FATH GmbH, and all other companies where the work cannot be done from home, it is extremely important to keep the corona numbers under control. In an ideal case, the virus should be kept out of the company completely.

The dangers of a source of infection in a company are immense. The worst-case scenario ranges from loss of sales to the failure of entire departments and teams.
Although individual sales losses can often still be compensated by reserves. Nevertheless, there is no need to take the risk of an overall business shutdown. In the long term, a source of infection can threaten the existence of a company, especially in small and medium-sized organizations. If a corona infection is suspected, comprehensive corona tests can provide certainty. At the same time the results can be used to adapt to the crisis.

FATH Medical GmbH is now actively working on making Covid-19 Antigen rapid tests available to all companies, gastronomers, pharmacies, nursing homes and doctors. Via the online store medical.fath24.store corona rapid tests can be ordered in different quantities. The delivery takes place as fast as possible and is free of shipping costs within Germany.